Sleepover Breakfast Ideas

Will you be having children over for a sleepover? This means that you need to prepare for the night and the next morning. There are plenty of things that you can do for the night time, but what about breakfast? What can you do to make things more interesting for children about breakfast? Here, you will find the best sleepover breakfast ideas that you can use the next time you have children sleeping over. These are considered easy to make, so you will not have to worry about the process taking too much time. Before any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best sleepover breakfast ideas. 

Things to Consider Beforehand

When you’re dealing with young children or teenagers, you will need to have a few things cleared up beforehand. Many times, you will find that people are allergic to certain foods or have no appetite for them. Cross check with the parents about what works for the child. 

  • Be aware of any sensitivity other children have for certain foods
  • Always ask about allergies from the parents beforehand
  • Be available and cautious when feeding the children at home

Make sure to keep these things in mind as you go about preparing for a sleepover for your children. This way, you will be able to know better about what works for the kids for breakfast.

Top Sleepover Breakfast Ideas

Now, let’s get to some of the best breakfast ideas when throwing a slumber party for your child and their friends. 

Waffle Bar

If there is something that children love, it is waffles. Even adults love this scrumptious food item. So, why not create a waffle bar for the children to wake up to? All you have to is heat up the waffle maker, and get things going for the sleepover breakfast idea. You will need to come up with various toppings that will go with the waffles. 

You can select a range of toppings. Whether it is syrup, ice cream, or even chicken, you can place them all in separate dishes. Let the children decide what they wish to have with their waffles. Make sure to keep a variety of sweet and savory options so that the children can easily choose the ones that they like best.

Fruit and Yoghurt Buffet

Another thing that you can play with is yoghurt. It is perhaps one of the most versatile foods that work for every meal. So, if you wish to find something great for your children’s sleepover breakfast, then this is a great option for you to start with. 

All you have to do is place yoghurt in one place, keep different fruit in different bowls, and that is it. There isn’t much that you will have to do here. Get a range of fruits that work well with yoghurt, and you will find the children enjoying this fruit and yoghurt buffet immensely. 

Breakfast Pizza

Let the children take control in the morning. Rather than having to do all the work yourself, let the children take over some of the work. This can be when it comes to the topping of the breakfast pizza. Doing so creates an added activity for the children to indulge in. 

You can give them various breakfast pizza toppings that they can add to their pizzas. All you will have to do is make sure that it goes in the oven, and that is all. Let the children work around the kitchen. It will be an entertaining activity for them as well. 

Quick Oatmeal 

If there is something that works well for breakfast no matter what, it is a quick and healthy oatmeal. This can be paired up with a range of toppings to make it fun and delicious. You don’t have to only focus on how boring oatmeal is. It is perhaps one of those breakfast items that can easily be transformed completely just by the use of different toppings. 

For a sleepover breakfast idea, you can introduce different toppings for children that they can choose from for their oatmeal. It doesn’t have to be too difficult for you to work around this. It is much easier than other options as you will not have to worry about cooking something extreme. 

Breakfast On-The-Go

While younger children are easier to handle, teenagers can be quite difficult. We suggest that if you have teenagers sleeping over, then you should create a breakfast menu that works for their needs. This means, that they will not be waiting too long for you to prepare the breakfast. So, toss out any ideas of making pizza from scratch. Instead, focus on preparing other kinds of foods for them.

You can get hold of scones, bread, muffins, and other similar breakfast items for this. It will surely be a much better option for slightly older children as they will be grabbing the food to go. So, you will not need to worry too much about what to feed them in the morning. 

Breakfast Casserole 

Another great option that can work well as a sleepover breakfast idea is the breakfast casserole. This is perhaps one of the most renowned breakfast options available in the market. It is easy to make, and it will keep the children wanting more, if you make it right.

This is an amalgamation of egg, meat, and cheese. Doesn’t it sound like the best thing ever? Offering children this is a great option for their sleepover breakfast. They will enjoy devouring this meal, especially if you have orange juice to go alongside it. This is the perfect combination to offer to the children for their sleepover breakfast. 

When you’re planning a sleepover breakfast for your children and their friends, you will need to consider a few things. Don’t try to put out too much on the table as it all might go to waste. Try to keep things balanced and ensure that the children will like what you have to offer them. Ask them about their preferences, and then prepare the breakfast for their sleepover.