Slumber Party Ideas For 9 Year Olds

Children love a good slumber party. So, you must make sure that you as a parent offer them the best kind of party as well. You want to make sure that you have tons of things planned for your child’s slumber party. Here are some things that you should focus on as you try to come up with sleepover ideas for your nine years old child. 

  • Make sure they are fun
  • Age appropriate
  • Supervised games

You can switch up many things and make it entertaining for them. They will surely love games that you have created for them. So, before any further ado, let’s look at some slumber party ideas for 9 year olds. 

1. Spin the Bottle for Nail Polish

If you have an all-girls slumber party for which you need ideas for, then you should definitely try spin the bottle for nail polish. While the typical spin the bottle game is not age appropriate, you can add a little twist to the entire game. Place nail polishes at each end and ask the girls to spin the bottle in the middle. The nail polish that the bottle lands on is the one that will be put on the nails. Make sure to keep peel off nail polishes for this game and apply the nail polishes yourself, rather than letting the children do it. 

2. Emoji Bingo

Bingo is not only a game for senior people. Children can also equally enjoy this fun activity. All that you need to do is print out some Emoji Bingo sets for the children who will be coming. It is just like ordinary Bingo, but more fun! Your children will surely enjoy this game. The winner of this game can get a sweet prize, such as a cookie or chocolate. This is perhaps one of the best slumber party ideas that you can make use of for your children. 

3. The Chocolate Game

You need gloves, a hat, fork, knife, and goggles for this game to take place. Get a dice for this game so that it can be more interesting. The children will start taking turns rolling the dice. Once a child gets a six through the dice, they will need to put on the hat, gloves, goggles, and then take the fork and knife to cut the chocolate. 

The task is to cut the chocolate using a fork and knife and eat it as much as possible. This game should be carried out under your supervision always as you don’t want any of the children to get hurt. Also, keep extra chocolates to give to those that did not get a chance to play the game. 

4. Scavenger Hunt

If there is one thing that children love doing, it is taking part in a scavenger hunt. You can hide away a few things inside the house, at specific locations. Once you have done this, you can give the list of things that the children need to find around the house. The first child to get most of the things will win and be offered a treat. You can also ask the children to work together in finding out all the hidden places. This is a pretty fun activity for children to do at a slumber party. 

5. Sardines

Now, you’re probably well aware of the game Hide and Seek. Sardines is a different version of the same game. Here, instead of there being only one person finding others, there is only one person hiding. The rest of the children will be hunters searching for the hidden child. 

Now, the fun thing is that once a hunter finds the hidden child, they get to hide with them. This continues till there is only one hunter left. All of the children hide in one place, that is probably going to be your wardrobe. It is fun, and keeps the children guessing for a long time about the location of the other kids. 

6. Glow Stick Ring Toss

Do you want to add a little different pop to your child’s slumber party? Here is a slumber party idea that will surely be one of a kind. You can introduce the game of glow stick ring toss as a slumber party idea. It is fun, and your child is surely going to have a lot of fun playing this game. The idea is to toss the glow stick rings onto the stand at a distance. The child who gets the most inside wins. It is a popular game, and you will find many variations of this readily available at children’s toy shops.  

7. Popcorn and Movies

Are you looking for something mellow for your children to do as a slumber party idea? Well, you can introduce them to a night of watching their favourite movie on a big screen using a projector. Give them a comfortable location to relax and watch their movie in, they will surely have a lot of fun. 

More than that, movies are incomplete without popcorn. So, don’t forget to hand them their favourite kind of popcorn to go with their favourite movie. It is the perfect mix for a slumber party for 9 year olds. 

8. Character Dress Up Games

Do the kids love to dress up as their favourite characters on Halloween? Why not give them another day in the year to do this. For the next slumber party idea, you can get hold of costumes for your child and their friends. Ask them about their favourite characters and get costumes for them. They are bound to enjoy this dress up game. You will find them to wear these costumes and pretend they’re the character.  

9. Balloon Pop Countdown

Lastly, another one of the best sleepover party ideas for 9 year olds is the balloon pop countdown. Here, you can help children understand and learn about timing better. Add a countdown balloon for every 30 minutes or so, and you will find children running to pop the balloons when the time comes. It is a fun and engaging activity for children completely.